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The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Meca-10 King Gold. The '10' stands for 10 days power reserve, people.

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Hublot are well known for their boldly designed and technologically advanced watchmaking, and if there's one watch that fits that tonneau-shaped description, it's the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Meca-10 King Gold.

The barrel-inspired case measures an extroverted 45mm and is hewn from one of the brand's in-house precious alloys in King Gold, which has an array of complex finishes. The exposed bezel screws, articulating case shape and black rubber strap all see to the boldly designed description being wholeheartedly accomplished. And within this thoughtfully designed case is where the technologically advanced component arrives.

Powering this warmly toned behemoth is Hublot’s manufacture Calibre Meca-10, which is on full display through the sapphire crystal on the front and rear of the watch thanks to its matte black skeleton construction. As the name suggests, the manually wound caliber offers a genuinely impressive 10 days of power reserve, putting it in truly rarefied air. The power reserve indicator can be seen on the dial side of the watch, as well as the running seconds and a fairly unobstructed view of the movement.

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Meca-10 King Gold isn't for the faint-hearted, with its hulking wrist presence and exposed movement, but it offers everything you could want from a Hublot. The endearingly confident and boldly executed design is clear to see and reflects the unrelentingly forward-thinking approach to watchmaking from the brand.



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