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Top 10 Most Disturbing Documentaries Part 2

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Top 10 Most Disturbing Documentaries
Documentaries are a great way of getting informed on niche topics that we’re not familiar with. Whether we’re finding out about climate change, World War II, or just about anything else, documentaries can be really eye-opening. Some, perhaps, a little too eye-opening. These documentaries will give you a little bit more than you bargained for as far as shock-factor but if you’re looking to be disturbed, look no further than these Top 10 Disturbing Documentaries.

10. Jesus Camp
9. Night & Fog
8. The Woman Who Wasn’t There
7. Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse
6. Mommy Dead And Dearest
5. Tabloid
4. The Nightmare
3. The act of seeing with one’s own eyes
2. Aokigahara: The Suicide Forest In Japan
1. Titicut Follies

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