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Who WILL Fight KING ?! | The ODD Dynamic Between ZORO & SANJI (One Piece Discussion)

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Hello Synsei Fam, I am back today with another One Piece discussion video. “ Who WILL Fight KING | The ODD Dynamic between ZORO & SANJI “. After the release of One Piece Chapter 988 the community has been a hilarious place to be. For some fun reasons, but mainly because of all the toxicity. I hate to make a zoro and sanji video with how toxic these conversations can get, but I’ll be honest it’s actually an interesting conversation to have. Who will fight king? That’s the question we will be focusing on for the majority of the video, but we’ll also look at the matchups for the other two calamities.

I believe it’s important to look at their matchups in particular because it’ll give us a cleaner look at who will be the person/people to combat King. Now of course the biggest speculation that has been made for one piece chapters 989+ is that zoro and Sanji will 2 vs 1 king. So of course in regular Synsei inc fashion we will be diving into the controversy and giving thoughts on the matter. Am I for or against it? Well you’ll find out in this video.

As I’ve said I’ll be giving my opinion on the matter, but I will as always be giving context on my opinion as well as my reasoning towards it. This is one of those moments that has created an uproar in the fan base and I’m honestly here for it. What do you all think? Make sure you comment down below and give me your thoughts, Make sure to subscribe, and join the discord for more one piece conversation! Hope you all are staying safe healthy during these trying times. Enjoy the video.


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